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anyenv - All in one for **env

This is a simple wrapper for rbenv style environment managers. You don’t have to git clone or modify your shell profile for each **env anymore if you install anyenv.

Feedback required!

This repository is under development. All feedback are welcome! See

Getting started

Install anyenv

Homebrew (for macOS user)

Currently, anyenv is not supported by default, but you can use Tap:

$ brew tap anyenv/anyenv
$ brew install anyenv
$ echo 'eval "$(anyenv init -)"' >> ~/.your_profile
$ exec $SHELL -l


Manual git checkout

$ git clone ~/.anyenv
$ echo 'export PATH="$HOME/.anyenv/bin:$PATH"' >> ~/.your_profile
$ echo 'eval "$(anyenv init -)"' >> ~/.your_profile
$ exec $SHELL -l

Migration from riywo/anyenv

$ cd ~/.anyenv
$ git pull
$ git remote set-url origin

Initialize install manifest directory

If you want, you can initialize install manifest directory with anyenv/anyenv-install.

anyenv install --init

If you have own manifest repository, you can specify it:

$ anyenv install --init
Manifest directory doesn't exist: /Users/riywo/.config/anyenv/anyenv-install
Do you want to checkout [y/N]:


Install any **env in your manifest directory:

$ anyenv install rbenv
$ anyenv install pyenv
$ anyenv install nodenv
$ exec $SHELL -l

$ rbenv install ...
$ pyenv install ...
$ nodenv install ...

Update your manifest directory:

anyenv install --update



This is the directory containing install manifests. Manifests should be directly under this directory:

$ tree ~/.config/anyenv/anyenv-install
├── Renv
├── scalaenv
└── swiftenv

If it is not defined by user, it uses fallbacks: